Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Pepeha
Press this link and you will watch my pepeha made out of rakau

Friday, 1 July 2016

 1. Hongongoi 2016 

Whainga Ako: Making a  Matariki garden

1. Measure  the outside of your garden using inenga (measurement ie, henemita, mita, manomita using a ruri.
2. Use tioki to outline your maara, then put masking tape on the chalk.
3.  Use your rorhiko to research the huawhenua (vegetables) that you want to grow.
4.  Decide which way you are going to run your rarangi (rows).
5. Measure the whanui (width) of the rarangi then whakawehenga (divide) the length by the distance between each tipu (plant) that you want to plant. 
6. Mark where you are going to plant each plant by using the chalk.
7.  Using coloured paper and card, draw your tipu (plant) or produce, then cut out and attach to row maara (garden).
8.  Make labels for each row, showing the whanui me te distance between each plant  and how many plants you need for each rarangi.